Video games & Snooker

snooker in mussoorie 

Everyone, mostly kids, loves video games. This place is an excellent place for those who want to have a fantastic time in a gaming zone. This gaming zone has the best arcade games in Mussoorie. Here you will have a wide choice of video games like action games, adventure games, racing games, shooting games, and many more. Here the games that you can enjoy are the famous Japanese game, Tekken, Global car racing game, Alien extermination, Manx TT superbike, and many others. Here you will get to see the high quality of arcade games, which have significant sound effects with big screens. In racing arcade games, you will get to see mechanical bikes and car seats with the steering wheel, accelerator, and a brake, which will make it more realistic. So the players will have a fantastic time and feel like they are in a gaming world.

Indoor games

In this place, you will get to play a lot of indoor games, which are for any age. Here you can play popular games like Bowling, Snooker, and indoor cricket. Here you will also see many other types of games like Bumping cars, Horse riding, baby air hockey, and claw crane games, which you can go for with your young companion. If you are a daring and robust person and want games according to your personality, so here you can go for sports like Bull Riding, Hammer game, and Boxing champion game. Or if you have any small kids, you will also find some rides here for them like Mickey kiddie ride, which will put a smile on your baby’s face. Because of all these games for everyone, you can come with anyone like friends or family and can have fun.

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