Adventure Activities

indoor adventure activities

Different types of activities make your life more adventurous and thrilling, and these things are essential for our life as it helps us grow and make us feel alive. Here you will find these types of adventure activities in Mussoorie, which are exciting and fun to do. Our top priority while making these activities was safety so that you can have a good time without any concern.




Bouncy castle

The bouncy castle is an inflatable castle, and it is a safe large castle filled with air on which kids can jump and play without worries. Dancing in the bouncy castle is not just fun but also a good exercise for your kids, so you can let your kids enjoy without any concern.   

bouncing castle
bowling in mussoorie


Bowling ball is also known as ten-pin bowling, and it is an indoor target sport. In this, you will have to aim for pins. You can throw or roll a bowling ball down the long and narrow wood lane toward nails to hit as many as possible.

Indoor wall climbing

Indoor wall climbing is the same as rock climbing, but with more safety, so you can climb as high as you want without worries. You will get to see an artificially constructed wall attached with holds. It is quite a popular activity as it gives a realistic feeling of rock climbing.

Adventure Activities in Mussoorie